About Us


Designed for Impact


The Protagoniste Network is designed as a continuous education community for social entrepreneurs. We keep learning by doing.

When you apply what you learn, you get results. It sounds simple but the majority of people fail at implementing.

Protagoniste is an initiative of Seven25. We know what it’s like to build a business (or two). Seven25 has been around since 2007, supporting NGOs, social entrepreneurs, startups who don’t yet realise they’re impact-driven, in designing ventures that are human-centered and have a positive impact on the world.

Why Protagoniste?


After building our own profitable companies (starting in 2007), we focussed on supporting incubators, universities, and entrepreneurs in over 15 countries, in 3 languages. We had a sense that we could help more people design successful businesses by running sessions online to supplement the reach we had with in-person work.

Online doesn’t mean disconnected.
We have a large international network of fellow entrepreneurs, mentors, investors, creators for you to engage with to nurture your activities. In other words, we’re better learning from each other. 


Business Design for the Real World


It's time to rely on yourself. Time to build the impact enterprise you’ve been imagining. Learn, ideate, test, implement, thrive.

Real-world objectives

Making the world a better place is a lot more satisfying when you can support yourself, your team,  and build a self-sustaining venture without burning out.

User-centered feedback

All our trainings are focussed on actionable learning. Theory is only useful if you know how to implement it and learn from your users or beneficiaries.

On-demand mentorship

Subject-matter support, weekly support calls, a committed community of peers—if you're ready to spring into action, you’ll have no excuse to not perform.

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